- Audio transcription and typing service

providing professionally presented transcripts 

from digital and analogue media -

Audio Transcripts
offer a friendly and reliable service for all sectors and has considerable experience of providing transcriptions for university research projects, interview transcriptions and transcriptions for focus group sessions.  Discounted rates for students - see Rates.

We can transcribe from digital voice files or analogue tape to provide a cost effective service whether that may be for a 'one-off' project or to provide support on a more regular basis.  Of course, we understand the requirement to treat all information as confidential and are happy to enter into any confidentiality agreement as may be required.

          • University Research projects
          • Qualitative Research interviews
          • Student  assignment interviews
          • Focus Group transcription
          • Oral History Groups
          • Small businesses, dictated reports etc.
          • Legal transcription
          • Market Research transcriptions



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